Is Social Media Fading Away?

A blog that I enjoy reading is Vegan Runner Eats by Alina Zavatsky.

Alina is a “vegan runner, three-time marathoner, weightlifter, feminist, whole food plant-based diet enthusiast, and a promoter of all things fun, healthy, useful, and creative!” I recently chatted with Alina on Facebook and asked her about her social media habits. Vegan Runner Eats has a social media presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. According to Alina she spends “maybe 2 hours a week on social media marketing.” Alina says that she “used to spend more time and effort, but the engagement and ROI have been steadily going down, especially on Facebook.” Despite this Alina still shares recipes to social media platforms often and receives a fair amount of shares, likes, and reactions.  By sharing her blog posts to social media, Alina drives visitors to her blog. On her blog she offers social sharing buttons that allow her audience to easily share her content.

So is Alina’s experience common now? Are other bloggers finding that engagement and ROI is going down on social media channels? Maybe people are just tired of the constant flow of “in their face” information. Can social media make a comeback or are we witnessing the end of the social media craze? Tell me what you think in the comments.


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